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Cancer in the Middle East

This spring, CR visits the Middle East to report on the challenges of cancer care in the region. The first stop: a gathering of cancer researchers on the shores of the Dead Sea.

A Universal Struggle

Cancer survivors in the Middle East face a culturally distinct network of challenges and support. But visits with patients and doctors quickly reveal that much of the pain—and the compassion—associated with cancer is universal.

Cancer Care in a Conflict Zone

Patients and doctors face unique challenges in battle-worn areas of the Middle East.

A Doctor Goes Home

Feras Hawari returned from working in the U.S. to treat cancer patients in Jordan.


Cancer in the Middle East

Many of the struggles cancer patients face are universal.


By Kevin Begos

An Exchange of Ideas

Cancer researchers gather in the Middle East

By Kevin Begos

This spring, CR correspondent Kevin Begos travels to the Middle East to report on the challenges facing cancer research and care in the region. In the current CR podcast, he reports from a meeting of cancer researchers in Jordan.

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