Dorothea Lange's Esophageal Cancer
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American Eyewitness

One of Dorothea Lange’s photographs became the iconic image of the Great Depression, but it wasn’t until after her death from esophageal cancer that she gained widespread recognition for her work.


By Kevin Begos

An American Artist

Dorothea Lange, who died of esophageal cancer, photographed the nation's troubled times

By Kevin Begos

Dorothea Lange is best known for documenting the struggles of migrant farmworkers during the Great Depression. Less-well-known were her unflinching, censored photographs of Japanese internment during World War II. But while Lange’s focus behind the lens was helping her bring awareness to the struggles of other Americans, she was suffering in silence from the symptoms of advanced esophageal cancer. In the current podcast, Kevin Begos talks with Linda Gordon, author of the new biography Dorothea Lange: A life beyond limits.

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