Healing Through Hope
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Coping With Cancer

In this first installment of a new series on faith and hope, CR explores what keeps people going in the midst of illness and turmoil.

Mosaics of Meaning

For the social workers, psycho-oncologists and chaplains who help people sort through the questions posed by cancer, focusing on the big picture can bring life into focus.

Journeying With Hope

Life doesn't come with directions, but the experiences of other survivors can be a much-needed guide for patients confronting cancer and life beyond.

Up Close and Personal

Oncologists and oncology nurses often cope with the painful aspects of their work by focusing on the joy in their jobs and the personal relationships they develop.

Dancing With Grace

For caregivers, coping with a loved one’s cancer diagnosis can require a delicate step.


By Kevin Begos

Healing Through Hope

How do people keep hope alive when dealing with cancer?

By Kevin Begos

While completing a chaplain residency, CR contributing writer Damaris Christensen was struck by the varied ways people cope with cancer. She became inspired to write a series for CR about how patients, caregivers and health care professionals find hope in the face of the disease. In this podcast, Christensen speaks with CR podcast host Kevin Begos about what she learned during her hours of interviews for the series.

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