Motivated by Loss
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Stephanie Kinkel lost both her parents to cancer. Now a young cancer researcher, she’s helping to look for cures.

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AACR Scientific Meetings

Click on the link above to see a video about the AACR's scientific meetings, which features young scientist Stephanie Kinkel.

Why Basic Science?

The AACR's scientific meetings provide an opportunity to learn about cancer research. Click on the link above to see a video featuring young scientist Stephanie Kinkel talking about why basic science is important.


By Kevin Begos

Motivated by Loss

After her parents died of cancer, a young researcher found direction amid her loss

By Kevin Begos

CR podcast correspondent Kevin Begos talks to graduate student Stephanie Kinkel, who lost both of her parents to cancer while she was just a teenager. Now at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Kinkel studies the disease that claimed her parents' lives.

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