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Surviving & Thriving: Life With Cancer


Welcome to a new series of six podcasts about cancer survivorship produced in partnership by CR magazine and The Wellness Community.

The collaboration combines The Wellness Community's extensive educational and support resources with the integrity and high standards of reporting from CR.

Surviving & Thriving: Life With Cancer is hosted by Kevin Begos, CR's podcast correspondent, and Kim Thiboldeaux, the president and CEO of The Wellness Community.

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We hope you enjoy the series!


Episode One: Defining Cancer Survivorship (5.47 MB / 4:59 minutes)

This episode is an overview of the series and explores the many definitions of cancer survivorship.

Episode Two: Thriving Survivors (9.88 MB / 10:47 minutes)

In this episode, cancer survivors talk about how they are giving back to their communities.

Episode Three: Survivorship, Your Way (12.44 MB / 13:16 minutes)

In this episode, cancer survivors and health care professionals talk about developing a survivorship plan that fits your needs.

Episode Four: Surviving as a Couple (10.61 MB / 11:18 minutes)

In this episode, health care professionals, cancer survivors and partners talk about the challenges of coping with cancer as a couple.

Episode Five: Young Cancer Survivors (10.36 MB / 11:02 minutes)

This episode focuses on the unique challenges facing young adults with cancer and several helpful resources available to them.

Episode Six: A Survivor's Guide to Nutrition and Exercise (11.12 MB / 11:51 minutes)

This episode offers helpful nutrition and diet advice for cancer survivors.


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