Too Much of a Good Thing?
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Too Scared to Not Get a Mammogram?

A young woman weighs the pros and cons of mammography.

Cancer Screening Conundrum

Controversy surrounds new cancer screening guidelines.

Finding Solutions for Screening

Some cancers have no early detection techniques, while others have effective screening tools that aren't reaching all the people they need to help.

Reality Check

Most of us want tests that can identify cancer at its earliest stages. But determining whether a screening method actually saves lives is not a straightforward task.


By Kevin Begos

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Know your test—and its pros and cons—when getting screened for cancer

By Kevin Begos

Screening tests for breast cancer, prostate cancer and cervical cancer have helped save lives. But some experts say these tests we’ve come to depend on sometimes catch abnormalities that don’t always lead to cancer.

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