Fall 2007
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Fall 2007

 Fall 2007 Cover  Volume No. 2, Issue No. 4
A Letter From CR's Editor
Realistic Expectations
By Gwen Darien

Gwen Darien, CR's editor-in-chief, reflects on the expectations placed on survivors to live life to the fullest.

Cancer Update
New Clues to Hereditary Breast Cancer
By Regina Nuzzo

New technology is helping scientists find genes linked to breast cancer.

Cancer Update
Risky Behavior
By Alanna Kennedy

Despite evidence that many cancers can be prevented, many Americans are skeptical.

Cancer Update
A New Direction for the American Cancer Society?
By Alanna Kennedy

The American Cancer Society announces a new chief medical officer.

A Survivor's Guide to Time Travel
By Cynthia Ryan

After a cancer diagnosis, survivors can fall into a time warp.

Recognizing the Signs of a Silent Killer
By Jenny Song

A consensus statement confirms that ovarian cancer has noticeable symptoms.

Leila Biberaj
By Jenny Song

Five-year-old Leila Biberaj, who was featured on CR's Fall 2006 cover, died in April.

First Person
Getting a Second (or Third, or Fourth) Opinion
By Jamie Talan

A patient shares her experience navigating the maze of second opinions.

Jumping Through Hoops and Over Brooms
By Marnie Andrews

Four friends cope with caring for their partners during cancer treatment.

From Mice to Men
By Sue Rochman

The scientific method can help you read between the lines when the media cover the latest cancer breakthrough.

Yesterday and Today
Ingrid Bergman's Toughest Act
By Alexandra Goho

Since Ingrid Bergman's death from breast cancer, significant advances have changed the treatment and support of women with the disease.

Our Children
Agents of Change
By Kevin Begos

Young advocates prove that patient support and fundraising for cancer research can begin at any age.

A Public Life With Cancer
By Jessica Gorman

To raise awareness of multiple myeloma, former U.S. Rep. Geraldine Ferraro went public with her cancer diagnosis.

Life With Cancer
Exercise Your Mind and Body
By Hannah Hoag

Research has shown that staying active can improve cancer survivors' quality of life.

Life With Cancer
By Alanna Kennedy

Pastor Carl Wilton uses his blog to keep his congregation up-to-date about his cancer treatment and to reflect on his illness.

Life With Cancer
Advocacy Action — Participating as a Research Advocate

A patient advocate shares tips for representing patients in the research process.

By Virginia Fioribello

A daughter shares a photograph she took while documenting her mother's breast cancer treatment.

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We've provided resources for you to find more information about the stories in this issue.