Fall 2010
CR Magazine: Collaberation – Results

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Fall 2010

Fall 2010 cover Volume No. 5, Issue No. 3

Editor's Letter
Information & Inspiration
By Jessica Gorman

In this issue, find practical information and inspiration for your cancer journey.

Writers and Photographers

Get to know this issue's writers and photographers.

Readers Respond

CR readers weigh in on new cancer screening guidelines.

Cancer Update
All Stressed Out
By Corinna Wu

New research shows small amounts of stress may help slow cancer growth.

Cancer Update
Immune-Boosting Ipi
By Ingfei Chen

A new immunotherapy shows promise for patients with melanoma and other cancers.

Cancer Update
Keeping Up With Oral Meds
By Mitzi Baker

Sticking with an at-home treatment regimen can be challenging for many patients.

Cancer Update
Marker of Risk
By Rabiya S. Tuma

Researchers have discovered a potential new marker of ovarian cancer risk.

Cancer Update
Critical Care
By Karen Patterson

Palliative support may offer patients unexpected benefits.

Cancer Update
News Briefs
By Yvonne Lee

A new generation of chronic myelogenous leukemia drugs; immunotherapy for prostate cancer; cardiovascular risks for pediatric cancer survivors; questions about Avastin for breast cancer treatment; personalized lung cancer therapy

When Your Child Has Cancer
By Hester Hill Schnipper

Caring for a sick child is never easy. Here are eight simple strategies to help you cope.

First Person
Working Out
By Ibby Caputo

When returning to a job after cancer treatment, it’s not always easy to get back in the game.

Health Care Policy
Cost vs. Effectiveness
By Sue Rochman

Should a cancer drug’s (often high) cost be part of the equation when experts calculate whether it’s an effective treatment?

Gumbo Medicine
By Jocelyn Selim

Facing paralyzing fear and uncertainty after a rare cancer diagnosis, American Routes radio host Nick Spitzer found comfort in the people and culture of Louisiana.

Your Health
Focus on Fertility
By Alanna Kennedy

Cancer treatment can dash a patient’s hopes of having a child. But it doesn’t have to: Ongoing research is expanding the opportunities for preserving fertility, both before and after treatment.

Yesterday & Today
Dear Ann Landers
By Sue Rochman

Millions of readers turned to columnist Ann Landers for advice on relationships, work and even cancer research, until her death from multiple myeloma in 2002.

Global Report
Survivor at Sea
By Jen A. Miller

Like many cancer survivors, Diane Selkirk is being monitored for recurrence and is taking appropriate precautions. Unlike many others, she is doing it while sailing around the globe.

Life With Cancer
Survivors Reach Out
By Stephen Ornes

Many cancer survivors find they help themselves when they reach out to help others.

Life With Cancer
By Alanna Kennedy

A survivor wonders if environmental exposure contributed to her cancer.

Life With Cancer
Q&A: Randy Pausch’s Legacy
By Yvonne Lee

Jai Pausch talks about life and loss—and continuing her husband’s work.

The Cancer Wall, by Doug Calisch

An installation at an Indiana cancer hospital reminds patients that they are more than their diagnoses.

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We've provided resources for you to find more information about the stories in this issue.