Spring 2006

Spring 2006

 Winter 2007 Cover  Vol. No. 1, Issue No. 1
A Letter From CR's Editor
Open Invitation
By Gwen Darien

Editor Gwen Darien welcomes readers to the first issue of CR magazine.

Cancer Update
Mammography Under the Microscope
By Damaris Christensen

New research adds to the discussion about the efficacy of mammography screenings.

Cancer Update
Cancer Progress at 35 Years
By Jessica Gorman

What's happened since the signing of the National Cancer Act?

Cancer Update
Hormonal Impact
By Ingfei Chen

Researchers are testing breast cancer drugs against lung cancer.

Cancer Update
Cancer Genome Map
By Joel B. Finkelstein

Scientists weigh the pros and cons of the Cancer Genome Atlas.

Sometimes You Can't Win
By Hester Hill Schnipper

Frustrated? Tired? Confused? Just do your best-there's no such thing as a perfect caregiver.

Health Disparities
Equivalent Health Care
By Mary Jackson Scroggins

Disparities in cancer health care, research participation and outcomes are troubling for both science and society.

Virtual Space
By Alanna Kennedy

Weblogs are changing the way people communicate about cancer. Breast cancer survivor Nani Satterlee shares her blog.

Banking on Tissues
By Charlie Schmidt

A lack of high-quality tissue samples-and collection standards-is holding back cancer research.

Clinical Trials
The Pathway to Better Care
By Jessica Gorman

Throughout the last half-century, clinical trials have helped turn laboratory hypotheses into cancer treatment.

Loaded Language
By Gwen Darien and Musa Mayer

Some survivors say metaphors like war help them battle cancer. Others prefer plain language.

A Survivor's Calling
By Kevin Begos

Prostate cancer survivor Jim West shares his message of joy and life-and the importance of talking about a disease that many men don't discuss.

Slaying Cancer's Dragons
By Josh Fischman

Since her stomach cancer diagnosis, cancer researcher Anita Roberts has been thinking about the disease in new ways.

What is Cancer?
By Sue Rochman

The word 'cancer' can describe many different diseases that share certain traits.

Yesterday and Today
An Aggressive Opponent
By Ed Weiner

Football coach Vince Lombardi died of metastatic colon cancer in 1970. Would today's treatment options and screening guidelines have made a difference?

Life With Cancer
What Now?
By Alanna Kennedy

A new report provides survivors with the tools for life after cancer.

Life With Cancer
No Matter Your Cancer, Smoking Isn't Good
By Alanna Kennedy

Smoking can cause complications during cancer treatment. But help is available.

Life With Cancer
Advocacy Action — Strength in Numbers

How to lobby legislators and raise awareness for cancer research funding.

Survivor Self-Portrait
Cancer Diary
By Deborah Willis

A cancer survivor shares her thoughts upon being diagnosed with breast cancer at 53.

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