Spring 2007

Spring 2007

 Spring 2007 Cover  Volume No. 2, Issue No. 2
A Letter From CR's Editor
Trust Issues
By Gwen Darien

Trust is easily undermined when you're diagnosed with cancer, writes CR Editor-in-Chief Gwen Darien.

Cancer Update
Guilt by Association
By Damaris Christensen

A decline in breast cancer rates may be due to a drop in the use of hormone replacement therapy.

Cancer Update
Money's No Object
By Hannah Hoag

Doctors' financial ties don't worry many cancer patients.

Cancer Update
A Dangerous Duo
By Alexandra Goho

Smoking combined with viral infection boosts cervical cancer risk.

Cancer Update
Policy Widens Cancer Screening
By Regina Nuzzo

Colonoscopies jump with Medicare expansion.

First Person
My Mother's Challenge
By Kristi Norgaard

When a woman's breast cancer stops her from riding her bike to raise money for cancer research, her daughter takes over the job.

Friends Say (and Do) the Darndest Things
By Hester Hill Schnipper

Facing a family crisis is doubly difficult when the people you trust are insensitive or, even worse, abandon you.

Health Disparities
Left in the Lurch
By Alanna Kennedy

A new study of breast cancer patients with disabilities reveals that an overlooked patient group is not receiving the care it needs.

Putting the Squeeze on Cancer
By Pedro Linger Gasiglia (photographs) and Jenny Song (text)

What do uncertainties in cancer research funding mean for new therapies? Survivorship? Clinical trials? Health care disparities?

Yesterday and Today
Madame Curie's Not-So-Magic Pill
By Corinna Wu

Two-time Nobel laureate Marie Curie predicted that radiation would one day be used to help treat a wide range of cancers. She didn't foresee the progress against her own family's cancer.

The Pain Puzzle
By Ingfei Chen

Thanks to recent medical advances, cancer patients are living longer than ever-but sometimes with significant pain. Can we get better pain control?

Learning To Speak About Cancer
By Jocelyn Selim

Despite her role as a top-rated New York City radio host, Valerie Smaldone never knew how to talk about illness. Her diagnosis of ovarian cancer changed all of that.

Finding Cancer's Self-Destruct Button
By Alexandra Goho

Cancer cells have evaded a self-destruct program that makes damaged cells pack up and die. Researchers are trying to get the process going again.

Current Issues
Reality Check
By Sue Rochman

Most of us want tests that can identify cancer at its earliest stages. But determining whether a screening method actually saves lives is not a straightforward task.

A Call to Return
By Czerne M. Reid

After her husband's cancer diagnosis, nurse Peggy Anthony returned to oncology and found that treatments-and outlooks-had improved considerably since her early days in the field.

Your Health
Cancer-Fighting Foods?
By Jenny Song

Before you make diet changes based on the latest cancer research findings, think twice. Food research is a complicated science.

Life With Cancer
Cancer's (Not So) Hidden Costs
By Mitzi Baker

Researchers have calculated a value for the time cancer patients spend being treated.

Life With Cancer
By Alanna Kennedy

A cancer survivor uses humor to get him through his treatments.

Life With Cancer
Advocacy Action—Serving Minority Communities

Here are seven steps to develop a positive and productive partnership.

38 Lemon
By David Welch

To raise awareness of brain cancer, a survivor collaborated with his friend on a series of brain tumor art.

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