Summer 2006

Summer 2006

 Winter 2007 Cover  Vol. No. 1, Issue No. 2
A Letter From CR's Editor
Reflecting on Fear, Loss and Hope
By Gwen Darien

Editor Gwen Darien shares some of the loss and fear she's experienced since her cancer diagnosis, 13 years ago.

Cancer Update
Reducing Colorectal Cancer Risk
By Cori Vanchieri

The arthritis drug Celebrex may have benefits and risks for cancer patients.

Cancer Update
Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs for Cancer
By Sarah L. Zielinski

New studies suggest that statins have no effect on reducing colorectal cancer risk.

Cancer Update
Smoking and Ethnicity
By Leslie Harris O'Hanlon

Smokers in certain minority populations may have a greater risk of developing lung cancer.

Cancer Update
A Global Message
By Lisa Seachrist Chiu

The international community has sent a strong message against tobacco use.

Cancer Update
Chernobyl's Human Fallout
By Richard Stone

Evidence suggests a link between increased cancer rates and the world's worst nuclear accident.

Before Helping Others
By Hester Hill Schnipper

Sometimes, you must make time for yourself.

First Person
A Zebra in Nebraska
By James Omel

A family doctor for 25 years, James Omel was sure he'd properly diagnosed his back pain.

New Directions
A Tumor's Lifeblood?
By Jessica Gorman

Could stem cells in a tumor drive its growth? Some scientists think so.

Online Catharsis
By Alanna Kennedy

Kevin Kersey, a survivor of a rare gastrointestinal cancer, shares an excerpt from his blog.

Around and Round on Clinical Trials

Four cancer survivors discuss why they joined clinical trials and what almost stopped them.

Negotiating the Landscape of Cancer
By Marnie Andrews

A cancer survivor and his wife face their fears when he revisits scenes from his treatment.

Yesterday and Today
The Search for Breaking News
By Ed Weiner

News anchors Edward R. Murrow and Peter Jennings both died of lung cancer. In the 40 years between their deaths, what's changed?

Growth Factors: Jekyll and Hyde
By Sue Rochman

Proteins called growth factors contribute to cancer and to the development of therapies to treat it.

Ahead of Her Time
By Dan Ferber

Barbara Boyd brought breast cancer discussions into Indiana's living rooms three decades ago-and people are still talking about it.

A Pioneer's Pursuit
By Erika Jonietz

Researcher Waun Ki Hong has spent his career searching for ways to prevent cancer and improve patient care.

Life With Cancer
Chew on This
By Nancy Volkers

Researchers weigh recent results about diet and supplements from the Women's Health Initiative study.

Life With Cancer
Know Your Rights
By Alanna Kennedy

Survivors can avoid work and insurance pitfalls by knowing how the system works.

Survivor Self-Portrait
Len Leone

An artist shares his experience with cancer through photography.

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