Summer 2007
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Summer 2007

Summer 2007 Cover   Volume No. 2, Issue No. 3
A Letter From CR's Editor
The Long View
By Gwen Darien

Gwen Darien, CR's editor-in-chief, reflects on the unique needs of young cancer survivors.

Cancer Update
Is There a Doctor in the House?
By Alanna Kennedy

Could there be a shortage of oncologists on the horizon?

Cancer Update
Taking It to Heart
By Sarah Webb

Treatments for Hodgkin's lymphoma have led to increased survival rates, but may damage a vital organ.

Cancer Update
Flawed Design
By Regina Nuzzo

Could flawed trial design kill promising therapies, while poor drug candidates gain continued investment?

Cancer Update
Under the Influence
By Hannah Hoag

An analysis of pharmaceutical-sponsored clinical trials raises questions about a potential conflict of interest.

Cancer in Art
Thai Tumor Art

An ancient Thai illustration shows two figures related to the interpretation of tumors.

A Shot of Politics
By Erik Ness

A new cervical cancer vaccine has provoked heated debate in state legislatures.

Global Report
Hot Springs Plunge
By Moeko Tawara

Finding strength in numbers, a group of breast cancer survivors came together to visit Japan's renowned hot springs.

First Person
Youthful Lessons
By Samantha Walthall

A young woman reflects on life nearly a decade after her diagnosis with pediatric cancer.

Health Sunday
By Eli Reed (photographs) and Mary Jackson Scroggins (text)

On a Sunday this spring, First Rock Baptist Church offered a program of information and inspiration about healthy living for its medically underserved community.

Your Health
Supplemental Therapy
By Kevin Begos

Research is beginning to sort out the hope behind the hype for herbal supplements and other complementary and alternative medicine.

One Woman's Trial
By Todd Dvorak

Facing a lung cancer diagnosis, Darlene Schwandke wasted no time in signing up for a clinical trial.

Proliferation Potential
By Alexandra Goho

Why do cancer cells grow and divide out of control?

Yesterday and Today
The Cancer That Silenced Mr. Wonderful's Song
By Sue Rochman

Sammy Davis Jr. broke down barriers on his way to stardom, before throat cancer finally took his voice.

The Art of Healing
By Laura Beil

After fleeing Yugoslavia as a girl, oncologist Sasha Vukelja turned to art during her struggle to find a new home. Now, she uses art to help heal patients.

Life With Cancer
Get Connected
By Charlie Schmidt

New organizations and programs are providing young cancer survivors with support.

Life With Cancer
State of Denial
By Jenny Song

Does denial help people adapt to life after a cancer diagnosis?

Life With Cancer
By Alanna Kennedy

A young survivor's competitive spirit helps her face a new challenge.

Life With Cancer
Advocacy Action — Being a Better Patient Advocate

Learn how to sharpen your advocacy skills.

By Ruth Adams

A Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor used her camera to document her treatment.

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We've provided resources for you to find more information about the stories in this issue.