Summer 2008
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Summer 2008

Summer 2008 Cover Volume No. 3, Issue No. 4
A Letter From CR's Editor
Not Yet, Not Now
By Gwen Darien

CR's editor-in-chief recalls the work of patient advocate Patty Delaney, who died of a late effect of cancer treatment.

Cancer Update
Relative Risk
By Erik Ness

Screening has made colorectal cancer preventable, yet many people with a family history aren't getting colonoscopies.

Cancer Update
Genetic Link to Lung Cancer
By Stephen Ornes

Researchers find a new genetic clue to lung cancer, but how it works isn't clear.

Cancer Update
Underinsured Means Unprotected
By Robin Mejia

Individuals without good insurance are more likely to be diagnosed with late-stage cancers.

New Directions
Watchfully Waiting
By Damaris Christensen

New methods for detecting prostate cancer appear to be on the horizon.

Global Report
A Universal Struggle
By Kevin Begos

Cancer survivors in the Middle East face a culturally distinct network of challenges and support. But visits with patients and doctors quickly reveal that much of the pain—and the compassion—associated with cancer is universal.

Close to Home
By Pamela Ferdinand

Stephanie Kinkel lost both her parents to cancer. Now a young cancer researcher, she’s helping to look for cures.

Current Issues
Catching Cancer
By Jocelyn Selim

The notion that many cancers are caused by viruses has ebbed and flowed for years, but recently it has been gaining renewed attention.

Father Hardin's Healing Role
By Dwight Adams

In Indianapolis, the Rev. Boniface Hardin is on a mission to raise awareness about prostate cancer.

Preparing for the Road Ahead
By Sue Rochman

Cancer survivors are living longer, thanks to advances in medical treatment, but years later many are dealing with side effects of those same life-saving therapies.

Yesterday and Today
A Life Under the Radar
By Corinna Wu

Like a great novel, Charles Lindbergh's life was filled with mystery, triumph and tragedy. Since his death from lymphoma in 1974, there has been progress in treating the disease that ended his story.

Life With Cancer
Taking Treatment Home
By Jessica Wapner

At-home cancer therapies are convenient—and becoming more common. Follow these tips to avoid common mistakes when taking your medicines at home.

Debra Kent
By Alanna Kennedy

Debra Kent, who was featured in CR's winter 2008 "Cancerblog," died on Dec. 21, 2007.

Life With Cancer
By Alanna Kennedy

Law student Kim Klein reflects on the aftereffects of having breast cancer.

Life With Cancer
Advocacy Action—Raising Money for Childhood Cancer Research
By Ruth I. Hoffman

Turn your hobbies into fundraisers for pediatric cancer research.

A Vision of Rosalind Franklin
By Denise Wyllie and Clare O Hagan

Two women bring the work of scientist Rosalind Franklin to life through their artwork.

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We've provided resources for you to find more information about the stories in this issue.