Summer 2009
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Summer 2009

Summer 2009 cover Volume No. 4, Issue No. 3
A Letter From CR's Editor
Something to Talk About
By Gwen Darien

When CR's editor-in-chief was diagnosed with cancer, her doctors didn't handle the news very well.

Readers Respond

CR readers share what gives them hope in the face of cancer.

Cancer Update
Mixed Drinks, Mixed Messages
By Lucas Laursen

Does a drink a day do more harm than good?

Cancer Update
The High End Cost of Cancer
By Hannah Hoag

New research shows black and Hispanic cancer patients spend more on end-of-life care than white cancer patients.

Cancer Update
Replacing the Pap Smear?
By Regina Nuzzo

HPV testing may be more helpful than the Pap smear.

First Person
Facing the Ultimate Deadline
By Ibby Caputo

A diagnosis of cancer gives a young woman a whole new understanding of deadline pressure.

Your Health
In the Beginning
By Hester Hill Schnipper

The first days and weeks after a cancer diagnosis can be an emotional roller coaster. Here are some tips for getting through the ups and downs.

Healing From Hiroshima’s Ashes
By Laura Beil

As a child in Hiroshima, Japan, Ritsuko Komaki witnessed the devastating effects of radiation from the atomic bomb. Now a physician in the U.S., she uses radiation to help heal cancer patients.

Up Close and Personal
By Damaris Christensen

Oncologists and oncology nurses often cope with the painful aspects of their work by focusing on the joy in their jobs and the personal relationships they develop.

Yesterday & Today
The Beat Lives On
By Sue Rochman

Bob Marley brought reggae music into millions of lives before his life and legacy were cut short by melanoma in 1981. Have treatment options for melanoma patients changed since his death?

What Happens to a Donated Tumor?
By Stephen Ornes

Researchers and patients are hoping that millions of stored tumors hold the key to more personalized treatments, and even cures, for cancer.

Katia Fuso's Special Tumor
By Kevin Begos

A tumor removed from an Italian woman’s breast has helped researchers identify a gene that may help other cancer patients.

Current Issues
Delivering Bad News
By Charlotte Huff

Doctors are learning that there are better ways to discuss difficult news with their patients.

Service With a Smile
By Jenny Song

Elizabeth Cropper’s surgical oncologist asked one simple question that put the bladder cancer survivor at ease and reassured her she was in good hands.

Life With Cancer
Paying for Cancer
By Lisa Seachrist Chiu

Even for those with health insurance, the cost of cancer care can be overwhelming.

Life With Cancer
By Alanna Kennedy

A young mother writes about her body-image issues following her mastectomy.

Life With Cancer
Advocate Q&A: Advocacy in Ireland
By Alanna Kennedy

An Irish breast cancer survivor talks to CR about patient advocacy in the Emerald Isle.

By Matthew Starring

A senior at Emerson College in Boston explores his cancer journey in a one-man show.

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We've provided resources for you to find more information about the stories in this issue.