Winter 2007

Winter 2007

 Winter 2007 Cover  Vol. No. 2, Issue No. 1
A Letter From CR's Editor
The Bonds of Survivorship
By Gwen Darien

CR's editor-in-chief, Gwen Darien, ponders the evolving bonds among cancer survivors.

Cancer Update
The Prostate Paradox
By Ingfei Chen

Could cancer-fighting hormones do more harm than good?

Cancer Update
The NCI's New Director
By Nancy Volkers

John E. Niederhuber, the NCI's new director, talks about his priorities and the NCI budget.

Cancer Update
A Menu of Mutations
By Ben Harder

Researchers begin to demystify the genomes of two cancers.

Cancer Update
The Darker Side of Tanning Beds
By Lisa Seachrist Chiu

A link between UV radiation and cancer spurs government action to protect minors who use indoor tanning beds.

The Drug Debate
By Jessica Gorman

Some patient advocates are pushing for broader access to investigational drugs. Others say the proposed changes could hurt patients and delay the clinical trial process.

First Person
My Cancer Crash Course
By Josh Hysell

A young man recalls the trials and lessons of being a 17-year-old caregiver to his new girlfriend.

Global Report
Getting the Word Out
By Lisa Seachrist Chiu

Many countries, including France, India and Brazil, are pushing to curb tobacco use through creative public health campaigns.

Rethinking Race
By Sue Rochman

Race may be a social construct, but researchers are discovering that it could offer new insights in cancer research.

When Tumor Cells Travel
By Charlie Schmidt

A growing number of scientists are investigating the complexities of metastasis-the spread of cancer cells.

Yesterday and Today
A Maverick Musician's Complex Cancer
By Kevin Begos

Rock music legend Frank Zappa died of prostate cancer more than a decade ago. Have screening options or treatment improved since his death?

The Sisterhood of Survivorship
By Cynthia Ryan

A breast cancer survivor analyzes her own identity as a survivor after her mother-in-law dies of the same kind of cancer.

Community Service
By Corinna Wu

Physician Elmer Huerta broadcasts a message of preventive care.

Remission Impossible?
By Holly Lang

Pancreatic cancer survivor Howard Young is on a mission to help others with the disease.

Life With Cancer
Vulnerable and Needing Support, Too
By Leslie Bokunewicz

Caregiving can take a toll on your mind and body.

Life With Cancer
By Alanna Kennedy

A young cancer survivor bargains with her body.

Life With Cancer
Losing a Parent
By Alanna Kennedy

How do you prepare kids for a parent's death?

Life With Cancer
Advocacy Action—Getting Into Volunteering
By Dom Roberti

Find the best way to use your skills as a volunteer in the cancer community.

Hazen Kennedy
By Jenny Song

Five-year-old Hazen Kennedy, who was featured in the Fall 2006 issue of CR, died in November.

Patricia Broderick
By Matthew Broderick

Actor Matthew Broderick shares a painting by his mother, Patricia Broderick, who died of lung cancer.

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