Winter 2008
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Winter 2008

 Winter 2008 cover  Volume No. 3, Issue No. 1
A Letter From CR's Editor
Personal Revelations
By Gwen Darien

CR's editor-in-chief shares from her private life as she looks back on the 15 years since her cancer diagnosis.

Cancer Update
The Big Issue
By Corinna Wu

A new advertising campaign aims to increase awareness about the nation's uninsured and underinsured.

Cancer Update
A Prostate Cancer Prevention Pill Looks Safer
By Ingfei Chen

The drug finasteride may be safer than previously thought, but whether men should take it to reduce their risk of prostate cancer is up for debate.

Cancer Update
Control Freaks
By Hannah Hoag

The spread of breast cancer may be linked to short stretches of genetic material called microRNAs.

Cancer Update
Martin Abeloff Remembered
By Regina Nuzzo

Oncologist Martin Abeloff, who died on Sept. 14, leaves behind a legacy in cancer research.

First Person
On the Run
By Michael B. Cohen

After his diagnosis with lung cancer, a doctor races into the unknown.

Survivorship, Your Way
By Hester Hill Schnipper

Don't let others tell you how to live your life.

Snuffing Out Smoking
By Lisa Seachrist Chiu

How risky is smokeless tobacco marketing?

An Advocate Finds His Community
By Jenny Song

Kidney cancer survivor Eric Perakslis discovered an outlet for his passion by helping others.

New Directions
A Tiny Technology Takes on Cancer
By Alexandra Goho

New nanotechnologies, about the size of biological molecules, are poised to help detect and treat cancer.

Yesterday and Today
The Cancer Man's Cancer
By Jocelyn Selim

A teenager's unusual bone tumor led pioneering researcher James Ewing toward the identification of a new cancer.

Campaigning Against Cancer
By Jessica Gorman

Which candidates for the White House would make cancer a priority?

Investing in the Future
By Josh Fischman

Despite today's challenges, committed young doctors are building a career in cancer research.

Sexuality After Cancer
By Sue Rochman

Not enough people discuss the ways to restore sexual intimacy after a cancer diagnosis.

Life With Cancer
In It Together
By Erik Ness

Couples facing cancer have each other to help cope.

Life With Cancer
By Alanna Kennedy

A couple learn how to tell their 7-year-old daughter that one of her parents is dying.

Life With Cancer
Advocacy Action—Volunteering as a Telephone Counselor

Here are some tips to remember if you are interested in volunteering as a telephone counselor.

The Ship Pounding
By Donald Hall

In an excerpt from his book Without, poet Donald Hall describes his wife's treatment for cancer.

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We've provided resources for you to find more information about the stories in this issue.