Winter 2010
CR Magazine: Collaberation – Results

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Winter 2010

Winter 2010 cover Volume No. 5, Issue No. 1

A Letter From CR's Editor
A Fond Farewell
By Gwen Darien

CR's editor-in-chief says goodbye.

Readers Respond

CR readers talk about cancer's financial toll.

Cancer Update
A Pound of Good
By Ibby Caputo

A new study finds weight training can benefit women with lymphedema.

Cancer Update
Calling It Quits
By Jocelyn Selim

Telephone counseling can help teens quit smoking.

Cancer Update
Living Longer
By Regina Nuzzo

Thanks to medical advances, young leukemia and lymphoma patients today have a better survival than ever before.

Mind & Body
An Emotional Toll
By Mitzi Baker

Two new studies illustrate the interplay between cancer and personal relationships.

The Adventure Continues
By Ibby Caputo

A young cancer survivor learns to navigate a new chapter in her life after cancer treatment.

The Road After Approval
By Ingfei Chen

Learning about side effects of cancer drugs is an evolving science, which includes weighing drugs’ risks and benefits, and monitoring for adverse reactions.

Yesterday & Today
A Wounded Hero
By Kevin Begos

Baseball legend Mickey Mantle died of liver cancer in 1995 at age 62. Today, a better understanding of the biology of the disease is leading to the development of new drugs that might significantly extend life.

Turning Cells On to Reading
By Stephen Ornes

As researchers learn more about the role epigenetics plays in cell behavior, they hope to discover new ways to treat, diagnose and screen for cancer.

Stepping Up
By Jenny Song

Family members caring for a loved one with cancer are often required to take on dual roles: being a caregiver and serving as a patient advocate.

The Scientist and the Yew Tree
By Kyla Dunn

Molecular pharmacologist Susan Band Horwitz realized there was something special about a small molecule found in a tree’s bark. Her work helped bring the drug Taxol to millions of cancer patients.

Life With Cancer
Tough Transitions
By Damaris Christensen

Patients often feel abandoned by their doctors after treatment ends.

Life With Cancer
By Alanna Kennedy

A young breast cancer survivor reflects on how her diagnosis changed her life.

Life With Cancer
Advocate Q&A: Speaking Out About Oral Cancer
By Alanna Kennedy

Survivor and research advocate Jeanette Ferguson is raising awareness about head and neck cancer.

Pen & Ink Watercolor 2009
By Robert Rizzuto

A cancer survivor finds inspiration to paint.

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We've provided resources for you to find more information about the stories in this issue.