Fall 2008
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Fall 2008

Fall 2008 Volume No. 3, Issue No. 5
A Letter From CR's Editor
On the Road With Connie
By Gwen Darien

CR's editor-in-chief hit the road with survivor Connie Mielich for a mini media tour.

Cancer Update
A History of Survival
By Vy Vo

A family history of colorectal cancer may decrease a person's risk of dying from the disease.

Cancer Update
Genetic Profiling
By Regina Nuzzo

A new law is intended to help reduce genetic discrimination.

Cancer Update
Clues to Neuroblastoma
By Jocelyn Rice

The discovery of a genetic link to a childhood cancer may be a first step toward new therapies.

Cancer Update
Costly Care
By Hannah Hoag

For many patients' care, costs are rising.

First Person
A Humbling Journey
By Heather Alberts

Shortly after treatment for ductal carcinoma in situ, an outgoing, happy woman found herself spiraling into clinical depression.

First Person
Living With the Zebra
By James Omel

Diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a family physician prepared his family for his death. Now, thanks to new treatments, he's making plans for his future.

Caring for the Whole Person
By Kyla Dunn

Thirty years ago, psychiatrist Jimmie Holland began arguing that cancer survivors require treatment for their social and psychological needs just as much as for their cancer.

Country Hospice
By Danny Wilcox Frazier

In rural areas that have been left behind as a result of economic downturns, hospice services offer patients the end-of-life care their families need.

Folkman’s Foresight
By Jocelyn Selim

Judah Folkman challenged convention for decades while investigating his hypothesis about a new way to treat cancer. Today, his ideas have led to a new class of cancer drugs.

No Ordinary Life
By Jenny Song

Connie Mielich survived cancer four times but lost her right leg and a lung to osteosarcoma. Despite all she has endured, she has maintained a passion for life and helping others.

Your Health
Take a Deep Breath
By Jessica Wapner

New research is exploring the power of holistic health care. Could it help you?

Coping With Cancer
By Damaris Christensen

In this first installment of a new series on faith and hope, CR explores what keeps people going in the midst of illness and turmoil.

Life With Cancer
On-the-Job Treatment
By Stephen Ornes

Survivors face unique challenges in the workplace.

Life With Cancer
By Alanna Kennedy

A couple blog about their young daughter's experience with acute lymphocytic leukemia.

Life With Cancer
Advocacy Action—Raising Awareness About Cancer in the LGBT Community
By Liz Margolies

Help eliminate health disparities in the LGBT community.

Tree of Life
By Kristi Duckworth

An artist's work celebrates survivorship.

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We've provided resources for you to find more information about the stories in this issue.